Straziste is a boundary part of town Kadan behind one of hills around. The area of interest has a great position on a swell above a stream with an outlook to countryside.

The requirement of the town's council was to build-up this field mostly with single-family houses after changing the the land-use plan. There was designed a new bus stop at new square, three multi-family houses with a restaurant and other optional private facilities and parking. In the rear part sloping down for housing to the north, where a green area with a play-ground is. The servicing street is traced out so that it respects contour lines and is modulated with slowdown sills and indirect path to force to drive here slowly. There are designed many trees in the street, especially at corners the big ones with a small public places with some few benches about. Each key tree should be a different kind, which would help to identify the segment.

We co-designed the feature idea of settlement, subdivision of land and all technical infrastructure as well.

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