Venceslav's Square


Venceslav's square is one of the most famous and busiest square in downtown Prague. But today's operation and look does not match the 21th century, but the 70´s, when it was adjusted last time. The most unsatisfactory is to much traffic on the ground, a little place for pedestrians, a disconsolate level of verdure and equipment of parterre.

There was a competition about new ideas of renovation. Our project made with ing.arch. Kaplan accented especially a suppression of traffic and car-parking, building large subterranean parking including service of hotels and taxis. A public transportation is excellent here, with 3 subway lines crossing underground this square and tram traversing in the middle.

The goal was to transform this current "avenue" to a real square with much more place for people and their relax (benches, bushes, cafés etc). In the lower end designed our team a counterbalance to the sculpture of Saint Vencelslav in the upper end - a "gate to the Old Town" which starts right behind it.

In the end, it seems a transit lobby won unfortunately. The plan is to add trams now.

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