The Czech high density town system has many territories in most towns which are not effectively used. These areas, often next to centers, were very busy and important fifty or hundred years ago, but today their standard does not correspond to surroundings. Now there is an idea to rent or sell the unneeded parts of properties to private investors, who want to profit from a locality and turism. The town Kutna Hora is exactly this case and I was asked from an investor to redesign one of the 18.th century house in such territory for a family mansion .

The main building has its historical value, so it is going to be renovated, with new winter garden & swimming pool built, but some scrubby attendant structures will be pulled down and the yard reduced too. In their place are considered new buildings with parking garages, administration building (infocenter) and pension with sportcenter.

Today the project part of reconstruction is almost finished. A new pedestrian connection between the new building and town center is going to be built in addition to front square (with park) regeneration. The house has nearby bus station, parking places in front and the main street over the park - very winning placement recommended by us just during real estate finding.