Kreslice is a border district of Prague, a zone where many people come to live these years. The objective was to design a group of condominiums set-in verdure, some purely residential, those adjacent to a satellite square with facilities like a small police department, post office, medical attendance, gymnasium, municipality, a few shops and restaurant.

The new housing development was designed by ing.arch.I.Kaplan and consists of eight buildings 2-5 storied above and up to 2 storied under the ground with parking garages. Some of those sloping roofed structures, fitting to a vicinity, have studio apartments. A transport connection to the city is a bus station in the square. The construction of this area for 250 inhabitants starts in a few months.

We worked on design of ground plans, cross-sections, faces and site-layout and got Area Permit and then made an axonometric projection for a local journal to present it to the public. Unfortunately only roads and pipes were build and the rest was not started yet.

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